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Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

     Tile floors and surfaces lose their sheen over time. That’s why D-Max offers professional tile and grout cleaning services. We can restore the look of your flooring. Professional cleaning by D-Max has several benefits:

  • It improves the look of tile and grout

  • Our tile and grout cleaning services are safe for all floors. That includes porcelain, ceramic, limestone, and travertine flooring

  • Cleaning can help to prolong the life of your floors by removing debris that can weaken the tiles

  • You avoid the expense of having to replace your flooring

Tile and Grout Cleaning Houston

Deep Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

      Do parts of your home or business have grungy tiles or stained grout? D-Max is one of the top tile and grout cleaning  service company in Houston, TX. We use skilled professionals to carry out our work. We offer a variety of local tile and grout cleaning services for all your hard surfaces.          
Our tile and grout cleaning process have several steps. We want to ensure that your floors are as clean as the day you installed them.
Below you will see the complete tile cleaning process. It’s not always necessary to do all the steps, but we will do all in our judgement to ensure you have clean, beautiful tiles.


We make a note of all challenging areas and set your expectations. Then we come up with a solution for each area.

Area Preparation

We will prepare the sections surrounding the tile. During this step, we make sure not to disturb any carpeted or hardwood floors. At this point, we move all movable furniture to ease the cleaning process.

Dry soil removal

Our technicians vacuum the entire area. This action maximizes the end result of the tile and grout cleaning process.

Soil Suspension

The next step is to spray a cleaning agent over the entire surface of your tile. This cleaning agent is the most advanced on the market.

  1. We do manual agitation of all the lines with a grout brush designed for this task only.
  2. We also use a mechanical 20” rotating brush to clean porcelain /ceramic tile surface. We then use a state-of-the-art self-contained pressure cleaning system on the entire floor.

We use the turbo tool on the truck mount to pump a rinse solution through the machine. This solution sanitizes and balances the pH levels of your floor.


The type of sealer and application varies by floor surface. We only use the best quality sealers like DuPont/ Stonetech.


Technicians will walk through and go over results before leaving. Deep tile and grout cleaning remove stains, allergens, dust, and greasy residues. This process requires the use of specialized equipment and trained professionals.

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grout sealing Houston

     We help take away the aggravation of dealing with stains on your tile floors and bathrooms. No more interminable scouring and fretting over your kitchen counters and backsplashes. We use an advanced sealant with stain resistant technology and long-term moisture protection. Your grout will repel dirt, oil, soap scum, liquids, and other stain hazards. It will also be easier to clean when stains occur.

New Home Sealing Services

     The best time to seal your tile and grout is 72 hours after the installation of your tile. You can also seal it right before you move in. Our penetrating grout seal lasts 3-5 years with no peeling or discoloration.
     You may be asking, why doesn’t the contractor seal the grout after installing it? Many companies don’t include it in their contracts. Tilers can’t seal grout until it’s cured, which takes between 48 and 72 hours. By that time, they have cleaned up and left your home. But sealing is a necessity if you want to maintain the look of your tile. It is very important if you’re installing natural tiles such as travertine or slate.

Tile Recovery Services

     Don’t despair if you did not have your tile and grout sealed right after installation. We can reset the clock and restore your tile to its original condition.

     Dirty grout is hideous and unhealthy. It can damage your walls and floors. We are the tile and grout cleaning professionals. We will replace cracked tiles, and install new tile and grout wherever needed. We offer free in-home demonstrations of our tile and grout sealing services. We show you firsthand how good your tile and grout can look.

     To set up an appointment or request online estimates, call D-Max, the best tile and grout cleaning company, at 281-444-3629. Or, you can go online and look for “tile and grout cleaning near me.” Remember to ask about our tile and grout cleaning specials when you call.Best

color-sealing Houston

Tile and Grout Cleaning Houston 2

     Color sealing gives you a new surface without the need to replace your grout. We apply the color sealant by hand after steam cleaning and rinsing your wall or floor. We clean the tile for a showroom finish after the color-seal process. It makes the porous grout watertight. It also won’t allow anything to seep in before you have the opportunity to mop up spills that might occur from time to time. It will also remove the appearance of old stains. It will give your grout a fresh new look while protecting it. We offer clear or color options for like-new results.
     This might be the answer you’re looking for if your grout has a mottled look or permanent spots. It gets rid of stains that have cropped up because of problems during the curing process. We can match your existing color with our grout color-sealing services. We can also change it to any color you want and give your flooring a different appearance. Your grout stays cleaner and healthier with its constant-acting fungicides and mildews. It will look brand new and be water, stain, and mold-resistant.
      D-Max will save you time because you will no longer have to get on your knees to scrub your tile and grout. We can complete most color-sealing jobs within hours. Plus, we do it without the fumes, dust, and mess related to a new installation. Looking for a new floor without the price tag attached? Let D-Max show you how to achieve it with a free in-home demo*.