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 It takes hundreds of hours of craftsmanship to create a hand-woven wool rug. But sand and dirt sift deep into the pile of the rug over time, down to the foundation fibers. 

You can depend on D-Max Carpet Care for the best in rug cleaning Houston TX. We offer Persian and Oriental rug cleaning services at competitive prices. We’ll examine and measure your rugs and notify you of any pre-existing conditions we find. 

We’ll also tell you upfront about what results to expect.

Rug Cleaning Houston

Rug Cleaning Process:


 We say we offer the best rug cleaning because our process is like sending your rug to a spa. What separates D-Max from other rug cleaning companies is our specialized equipment. Our cleaning equipment flushes away vast amounts of soil trapped deep in your rugs. We clean your rugs without harsh chemicals, abrasive scrubbing, or power spraying. Because all those can cause permanent damage to fine rugs.
The first step is to assess the condition of your rug and check for any problems. We look for discoloration, fading, wear and stain during our pre-inspection. We also look for color instability, preexisting damage, and odors. We determine whether your rug needs urine treatment and if repairs are necessary.
Color & Dye Test
A prudent step in the Oriental and Persian rug cleaning process is to do a dye test before getting the rug wet. Excess dye application during the manufacturing process may cause your rug to bleed.  Fugitive dyes, exposure to alkalinity or high heat, and pet urine can also cause bleeding. Thorough testing helps us to plan and prepare for the safe washing of your rug.
 Dusting / Vacuuming
We use our first-class rug cleaning equipment to ensure you get the best results. We lay your rug face down on dusting grids and vibrate the back of it. This amazing technology can remove pounds of soil even after a thorough vacuuming!
Pre-Clean / Soak
At this stage, we pre-treat high traffic and soiled areas. We may leave your rug in a cleaning solution to release the dirt attached to fibers.
We clean, dry and trim fringe tassels during this stage.
Washing & Rinsing
When you wash your hair, you first apply shampoo, then you agitate and rinse. Since wool is sheep’s hair, the same principle applies to professional rug cleaning. We massage a mild pH-neutral shampoo deep into the pile of the rug’s fibers. Then we flush out all foreign matter using a continuous flow of cold water.
Centrifuge & Drying
For this stage, we place your rug in a centrifuge, which removes 95-98 percent of the moisture. We then place the rug on a rack with air movers to dry out the rest of the water in the shortest time possible.
Finishing & packing
The last stage of the cleaning process is a final vacuuming and fiber lifting. Also at this stage, all rugs go through final inspection and deodorizing. We then prepare and bag it for delivery to your house or office.

Rug Repairs

Has your rug suffered moth damage or been in a flooded area? Is it showing signs of wear and tear? Or is it your dog or cat urinating on your rug? We can help you in identifying your exact issue.
We then provide the professional care needed to restore the integrity of your rug.
We can fix frayed fringes and side bindings that have come undone. We also offer other services such as quotes, insurance claims, and valuations.
We offer superior rug repair services for all types of rugs. Whether your rug is a hand-knotted African or a machine-made Chinese, we can repair and restore it.
We have more than 14 years’ experience as the specialists in repairs and rug cleaning Houston TX.
Every rug is unique, and we handle each one with the best care in the industry.
The result must be you enjoy your rug for many years to come. It’s essential to use a rug repair specialist when your rug needs repair. Not all repairs are the same, and not all rugs are the same.
Call us as soon as you notice rug damage. Early maintenance helps you preserve the quality of your rug. It also prevents further damage. 

Custom Rug Padding

    To lengthen the life and beauty of your rug, we offer and can install a custom-sized, non-skid rug pad.
Quality custom rug padding is a sound investment that will protect your rug. We recommend it for hard flooring surfaces and carpeted areas.
We tailor the size and thickness of the pad to decrease friction between the floor surface and the rug.
The rug pad will keep you safe by reducing slipping. It will keep the rug in place and provide an extra layer of sound absorption. Our rug pads are of high quality, and we offer the best prices on the market. You can select from several materials.
We offer felt pads, which provide the ultimate in cushiony softness and support. Or, you may wish to get a natural rubber rug pad with the strongest grip for the most stubborn of rugs. We can help you select the best padding for your rug and floor type. Save yourself from the aggravation of trying to cut your rug pad.
We offer custom pads for any shape, including round, half-round, and asymmetrical.
We always ensure that the pad is a perfect fit for your rug.
Our rug pads are safe for laminate, hardwood, tile, and all other floor types. 

Oriental Rug Cleaning Houston, TX

  As a thumb of rule, you should have a professional area rug cleaning done every two-three years.
You may need to consider cleaning it more often if it’s in a high traffic area, or if you have children or pets.
You can trust D-Max Carpet Care to treat your fine rugs with care.
It’s impossible to achieve the level of cleaning we provide in a residential setting.
Give us a call today to take advantage of our rug cleaning specials.


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