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Unfortunately, a flood will happen to your home or business sooner or later. When it happens the most vulnerable part of your home or business will be your carpets. 
Depending on the amount of floodwater, you may be able to handle carpet water extraction by yourself.
But, most of the time you have to hire a professional carpet water extraction company like D-Max Carpet Care to do the job.

What should you do when a flood happens?

  1. Make sure the water source shot down and repair the plumbing issue if that’s is the case. If it is a roof problem make sure water is not coming into the house anymore.
  2. You should shut down the electricity through breakers. In case if you don’t know individual breakers to a certain part of your home where it is affected shut down the whole house main breaker.
  3. Make sure, there is air circulation in the house by opening doors, windows and turning on all the available fans.
  4. Observe where the water is accumulating and if possible, guide the water outside by opening the doors. 

Decision time : 

If it is a small area that you can tackle it yourself you will need a Wet-Vac, some portable fans and lots of time in your hand.

If you decide to go with a professional company call D-Max Carpet Care. Depending on the situation and our schedule you can go back to your regular life as short as 24 hours.


How much will it cost?

Unlike our competitors, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Our charges are simple and up-front :

  • The first hour of service is: $300 (starts from the time we come into your home – Minimum fee is $300)
  • $150 thereafter (rounds up to next 30/60 minutes )
  • $30 for each air-mower per/day
  • Carpet cleaning and disinfecting; $40 per room up to 250 Sq.Ft.(Minimum fee is $100)

Beside the Carpet Water Extraction, we also do; 

Pet Stain & Odor Removal and more, If you need more info or FREE ESTIMATES, please call us at 281.444.3629 or click on the link.




Besides walking on the wet carpets, there are other issues may arise from flooded carpets. Some of these issues are:
a. Carpet Discoloration: Longer the water stays in your carpet more likely that your carpet will be discolored. The severity of the discoloration will be affected factors like time, quality of the carpet, the chemical content used in the carpet, and also of the content of the floodwater. 
b. Musky Scent: It’s caused by the bacteria that is in the water that sits on the carpet. A wet carpet is an ideal place for bacteria to multiply fast. The longer the period that you leave the carpet wet, worse than it will get. Don’t try to cover up the odor with deodorizer, it will make the situation worse.
c. Health Issues: Besides the physical deformation on the carpet, there is also a possibility of health issues may arise from wet carpet that has been sitting there for a prolonged amount of time. 
After a few days, mold will start appearing in your carpet if it’s not treated on time. 
This can lead to allergies, difficulty breathing and respiratory issues, if not treated exposed persons may even die from it.
Also, drying your carpets will not be enough, if mold had grown on it, carpet should be cleaned and treated according to cleaning guidelines.
d. Damage to Property: Also, there are lots of furniture and some appliances placed on the carpets. 
More than they wait on the wet carpet more irreparable damages they will suffer.
Baseboards and walls are sitting on the carpet too if carpets take too long to dry, you may also have to change your baseboards and the wall

What Do We Do?

  • With our truck-mounted unit and special water extraction tools, we will be removing as much water as possible from your carpets and padding.
  • After the extraction is completed, we will leave place  enough air-movers around the flooded areas for your carpets to dry as the fastest possible. Most of the time 24 hours is enough, but sometimes it may go up to 2 days depending on the severity and the area that was flooded.
  • Before we leave; We will make an appointment with you to come back to pick up the air-mowers and clean & disinfect your carpets.


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