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Why Do you need a Carpet Cleaning Houston you may ask?
 Do you know that contaminates like:  dust, allergens, pet dandruff, pet urine, greasy residue, dust mites etc. accumulates in your carpet over the time and this becomes a serious health concern?
Because of this reason most carpet manufacturers and EPA recommends professional carpet cleaning in Houston least once a year more often if you have pets or larger household.
Hot water extraction (AKA Steam carpet cleaning) is the primary carpet cleaning method recommended by carpet cleaning manufacturers for synthetic fiber carpets such as Nylon or polyester carpets. That’s what we do at D-Max Carpet Care with our state of the art truck mounted units IICRC certified and carry all necessary insurances.

Beautiful woman lying on the carpet in living room after carpet cleaning in Houston, TX.


 Below you will see complete carpet cleaning package (Diamond Package) involved in carpet cleaning process. Depending on the package you choose some steps may not be included. Please call us if you have any questions.
1. Pre Inspection: We inspect the carpets to see and discuss carpet cleaning procedure with the homeowner concerns and problem areas. We also let them know our professional advises may be taken for prevention and care in this step.
2. Set-up and preparation: We set up our hoses running in from our truck-mount to cleaning area, paying attention to the details like, walls, flooring etc.
3. Vacuum: Your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed with our commercial vacuum. Removing the dust and solids are most important part of carpet cleaning Houston.
4. Pre-treatment: Carpet is pretreated with a detergent solution paying attention to heavy traffic areas and stains as a part of complete carpet cleaning process.
5. Agitation: Heavy traffic areas agitate it with special brush or machine depending on severity.
6. Hot water Extraction: Very hot rinse solution (Mixture of water, deodorizer, and softener) under high pressure is forced into your carpet and vacuumed out with our truck mount unit.
7. Carpet Protector: Scott guard or Teflon carpet protector applied to your carpet.
8. Raking/Grooming: We rake the carpet to distribute the carpet protector evenly all around.
9. Post Inspection: We explain the homeowner what to do for drying process, precaution of the wet carpet and also carpet care instructions until next visit.
Deep steam carpet cleaning removes stains, allergens, dust and greasy residues requires the specialized equipment and training of Carpet Cleaning Professionals at D-Max Carpet Care. Call Us Now at; 281.444.3629 or email .

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pet odor & stains removal

Your carpet is an expensive investment and often the first impression one gets of your home. People should not know that you have pets in the home because of unsightly carpet odors, stains and pet hairs. Pet urine can fill a home with the smell of unpleasant ammonia. Let spot and soil it again and again. The longer the smell is on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove the stain and the odor. You should remove these stains and offensive smells of ammonia from the carpet as soon as you can.  When odor is gone pet does not return to the same spot over and over again; this will also improve your home’s appearance and make it healthier for your family. 
     Additionally, professional carpet cleaning will help promote good health. A dirty carpet with pet stains can harbor bad germs and bad odors. Your carpets can be a bed for mites and bacteria. These germs could cause the members of the family to get ill. It is a must that the carpet you walk on and that your children play on is 100% clean and sanitized.

      Allow Carpet Cleaning Houston professionals at D-Max Carpet Care to help you keep your carpets, rugs and upholstery, clean and free from offensive pet odors and stains. Our skilled professionals, will evaluate your carpet cleaning needs and then clean, remove pet stains, deodorize, protect, and have your carpets looking brand new and odor free before you know it.

 Most importantly our pre-spray will remove the majority of the fresh stains without paying extra fee for it. We also have extremely effective enzyme treatment to remove topical odors from your carpet. These enzymes will consume any organic matter they will come across in matter of short time.

Technician is stretching carpet before carpet cleaning in Houston, TX.

carpet repairs & Straching


Carpet repair is a service you’re likely to need at some point in your life. You may think that cigarette burn or scorch mark from an untended fire in the fireplace is just part of your carpet now that they’ve happened, but they don’t have to be.D-Max Carpet Care specializes in carpet cleaning and repair and we can help your carpet look great again. Whether you’ve got kids who have smeared Silly Putty into the carpeting in the living room or an overzealous kitten that has shredded the carpet by the stairs, our Carpet Cleaning professionals can save your carpets and help keep them looking good for many years. Just because part of your carpet has been damaged, it doesn’t automatically mean that it has to be replaced. 
     Allow our professionals to repair and clean your carpet professionally and quickly and keep your home looking beautiful, regardless of what might befall your carpeting. From re-stretching to removing set-in stains and repairing rips, tears, and burns, Houston carpet repair professionals at D-Max Carpet Care, are highly trained and very experienced. Your job will be completed quickly and with as little disruption to your routine as possible.


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carpet protector

If not properly treated, soft, fibrous carpets collect dirt, absorb stains, and look dingy, dirty, and sad within the months. Here at D-Max Carpet Care, we offer top quality carpet cleaning in Houston and surrounding cities that will rejuvenate your carpets, and professional treatments that will keep your carpets looking cleaner, fresher, and brighter longer.

Why Should I Have my Carpet Treated?

If you are tired of blotting at spills and scrubbing away at old stains or if it seems that your vacuum just can’t lift the dirt out of your carpeting?  It may be a time for you to consider a professional carpet cleaning solutions from us. . D-Max Carpet Care’s expertly-applied carpet protectors (DuPont/ Scotchguard) will help keep carpet cleaner longer by:

  • Repelling Oil-Based and Water-Based Stains
    • Repelling Dirt and Debris 
    • Preventing Liquids from Absorbing Into the Carpet and Sub-floor
    • Easing Spill Clean-Up
    • Improving the Effectiveness of Regular Vacuuming
    • Improving the Effectiveness of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Houston